(Ayurvedic Anorectal Surgery for Fistula)

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Time has occured now to do sincere and devoted work for the sake of different healing methods explained in our science i.e. Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a glorius culture heritage of our great nation We are very much proud to say " God of Surgery " ' Sushrut' Which is Ancient Ayurvedic Scientist i.e. 'Aacharya' Now we are in the 21 century, it is time to give to the World's humanity, thoroughly created practically qualitative work about various Ayurvedic Methods of treatment It is a matter to proud that 'Ksharsutra' is becoming more and more popular in all over world.

The whole world is looking towards 'Ayurveda' in an anticipation Ksharsutra (KS) is proving to be an effective tool to replace routine surgical procedure in Anal Fistulae. This method has prevailed in India for many centuries. Maharshi Skushrut has been the pioneer of this technique - he researched, perfected, practiced and documented KS. The advent of modern surgical techniques eclipsed KS until it was brought back to light by a team of surgeons at the BHU headed by Prof. P.J.Deshpande. They standardized it in its present form. It is now available as a non-operative, para surgical, ambulatory therapeutic technique that can be performed even by a family physician.


To a layman, KS is a significant contribution from India. For a patient suffering from anal fistula, KS is a safe, simple, affordable and sure way rid to get rid of this malady. To a family physician, it is an addition to his armanetrium of treatment. To a surgeon, it is an asset. To a researcher, it opens up new vistas. An enlightened administrator of an institution may find this as the procedure that will benefit everyone. It can be performed as an OPD procedure or even as a DAY CARE SURGICAL PROCEDURE.

A Patient Suffering from fistula In ano looks for safe , simple affordable and acceptable remedy. He feels happy to note that such a tool is available today After listening experiences of person who had undergone Ksharsutra treatment and comparing same with the available surgical treatment in terms of benefits, comforts, complications etc., He make up his mind for the choice of treatment and usually is found in favour of ksharsutra Experienced Surgeon s Opinion-

Ksharsutra-procedure Ksharsutra-procedure

For Doctors and Surgeons Ksharsutra excises the tract. It is a method of harbal cauterization.
  • It is effective against all types of fistulae
  • There is no fear of remnant tissue.
  • Recurrence is negligible. Due to early ambulation, cure rates are high.
  • It can be undertaken inpatients where surgery has been contraindicated because of health status of the patient.

Ideal Alternative for Surgery

  • Procedure is less elaborate - needing minimum stay in the hospital.
  • As such, it reduces hospital stay and costs.
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