You have noticed it many times-
  • You're Dad, mother and your younger sister and you yourself, all have different natures, different tendencies, and different responses towards a same situation.
  • You hardly suffer from cold and your sister usually does.
  • Temper of your father is high and yours one is low to bottom.
  • Your mother loves to stay in cold and your father in hot environment.
There are too many differences that list will be too long to discuss. This is not only with you and me. Every family is having same different characters with it. You all stay in same environment and eat same foods!! Then why these differences are there? Answer lies in the concept of Prakruti; let's understand Prakruti.
  • Understand the Prakruti
  • Three-fold system of Prakruti
  • Panchamahabautic Prakruti
  • TriGunaj Prakruti
  • Tri-Doshic Prakruti
  • What Decides Your Prakruti


Recall some Kate, Peter and Virginia they came to meet you sometime before. Kate came and knocked the door slightly and waited for you for two or three minutes and even you were late to open the door, he was just cool and calm. And Peter!!! Oh my God! He pushed the bell hard and when you were late he shouted on you badly as if you have done something punishable even though you were busy inside; it never matters to him!! The third one ……..yaps! The Virginia!! She came and rang the bell some five to ten times in a short time. And if by chance you were late she was in your lawns, was plucking the leaves of plants there. The thing which made them to react differently is their body type.

Each one of us is one out of Kate, Peter and Virginia!!!

Kate Peter and Virginia these are three different persons with their own peculiarities with them. They got these peculiarities by birth. They are of same species, same race even then they are different from each other. Basically each of them is having same chromosomal configuration of 23 pairs or in Ayurvedic language the same Panchmahabhootas, Tri Gunas and Tridoshas. These three components together decide Prakruti of ours.


Prakruti is a result of interaction between Panch mahabhootas, Trigunas and Tri- Doshas. So Prakruti is also of three types.
  1. According to Panchmahabhootas- Five types according to the dominancy of a Mahabhoota in the body.
  2. According to Tri Gunas- Sixteen types, seven from Sattva and six because of involvement of Rajas and three from Tamas.
  3. According to Tri-Doshas- Seven types.


  1. Prakruti dominated by Akash (Space)
  2. Prakruti dominated by Vayu (Air)
  3. Prakruti dominated by Agni (Fire)
  4. Prakruti dominated by Jala (Water)
  5. Prakruti dominated by Prithvi
If you are dominated by Akash, you need to feel the gaps caused by it and if Agni Mahabhoota is profuse in one's body, he needs coolness of water and Prithvi to calm it. So by knowing this composition, you can find what kind of food can help building your body weight or can help to reduce weight.


These universal energies control Psyche of each and every cell of our body and help to make decision by body. Where these energies lost their consciousness and harmony in between these three, body starts to think in an erroneous way. Depression, anxiety and psychosis all are consequences of disturbance. By knowing this Prakruti, one can understand how to interact with external environment to make inner environment healthy. These are of three types mainly and then subdivided in sixteen:

Satvika individuals are usually noble and spiritual in character, their nature determined as much by body type as their star constellation. Satvika Subtype Qualities are:
  1. Brahma
  2. Arsa
  3. Aindra
  4. Yamya
  5. Varuna
  6. Kubera
  7. Gandharva
Rajasikas are vulnerable to temptations are very human in their character and approach to life:-
  1. Asura
  2. Raksasa
  3. Paisaca
  4. Sarpa
  5. Praita
  6. Sakuna
A dominant Vata ensures that Tamasika individuals are the most down to earth, concerned about fundamental questions of practical existence, specially when confronted by more spiritual and less physical issues.:-
  1. Pasava
  2. Matsya
  3. Banaspatya

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Kate has a tendency to use minimum of energy. She tends to store it. Irritation on different stimuli can cause energy consumption and will result in nothing.

This means, he is just cool, calm, and smooth like Kapha. He needs a food that can just fulfill his energy requirement.

Even few bucks of extra energies will lead him to blockage in his arteries, dump body, diabetes, over weight and many more bad conditions.

Peter needs more energy to expend. He is sharp enough.

He will have to be controlled by cool and calm food i.e. what is harmful for Kate will be useful for Peter. And he is just like a bike of low average and good pick up.

His anger should be cooled by special Yogic exercises.

Last one Virginia needs the extra energy as she wastes too much in minimum works. She can't stand at a place if she is not offered few bucks for this purpose. She is always in hurry. So she needs to be tackled by a mixture of diet and routine of above two. Less food will lead her to deficiencies and extra will lead her to a fatty body.

Besides these three body types there are also the body types which have the traits of two of these. So seven Doshic Prakruti are:
  1. Vata Prakruti
  2. Pitta Prakruti
  3. Kapha Prakruti
  4. Vata-Pitta Prakruti
  5. Pitta-Kapha Prakruti
  6. Kapha-Vata Prakruti
  7. Vata-Pitta-Kapha Prakruti


Following are the factors which decide the Prakruti of all of us. It all happens during the in uterine life.
  • Prakruti of the parents
  • Dosha status of mother and father according to age and time, when they are planning a new baby.
  • Food habits and daily routine of parents before conceiving of new life
  • Time, place and conditions in which fertilization between ovum and sperm occurs
  • Food habits of mother during Pregnancy period
  • Daily routine of mother when baby is growing
What gets decided before birth will remain same throughout the life. We can only find the way to cop up with the Prakruti of ours.

If your parents had knowledge about this and they had surely planned you for complete health. They didn't have this. When, you had this opportunity, why to miss this great opportunity. We are here to help you…

Plan Prakruti of Your Baby.
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